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Teaching Sequencing Through Digital Storytelling
September 21, 2007, 8:20 am
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Inspired by the digital storytelling work of Wes Fryer and Dean Shareski - and the four slide contest recently hosted by Dan Myer, I decided to start the year off by having my students create a four slide digital storytelling project focusing on the idea of a ‘sequence of events.’ This project was completed as part of an initial digital storytelling effort. Students were directed to describe a process they have gone through in their lives – breaking it up into four sections with each one represented by a single image.

Getting each student up and running with a email account was a challenge, as we spent a great deal of time discussing and implementing Internet safety procedures. Consequently, my middle schoolers now appear online with and email accounts as a bunch of 65 year olds living in strange places like Chickenfeed, FL!

I loved this project, and have to say that watching how much my kids got out of it really energized me. I can honestly say that these past few weeks mark the first time in my brief four year teaching career that students literally had to be forced out of my class because they were having so much fun!

Below, you will find entries from a few select students who were kind enough to share them. I hope you enjoy! (Loaded into and shared via Bubbleshare)

Melodee C. 8th Grade

[bubbleshare 234079]

Madeline C. 8th Grade

[bubbleshare 234526]

Christopher S. 6th Grade Updated 10/10/2007

[bubbleshare 241664]

Edgar A.  8th Grade Updated 10/10/2007

[bubbleshare 236661]

Aileen P. 7th Grade Updated 10/10/2007

[bubbleshare 241731]

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  1.    Dean Shareski 09.21.07 @ 6:53 pm      

    These are great…I’d love to see more. The idea of constraints is becoming more important to me and I think it helps kids narrow their thinking.

    Love the images, particularly in Melodee’s. If could suggest anything it would be to try and limit the text even more and perhaps go with a white font since on a small screen, it’s a bit tough to read…but for a first crack, this is good stuff.

  2.    Kevin Sandridge 09.22.07 @ 7:05 am      

    Dean, thanks so much for your feedback. Will definitely take your comments into consideration on our future efforts! Next up, we’re gonna try VoiceThread! :)

  3.    Tracy Rosen 10.09.07 @ 6:51 pm      

    These are great, Kevin. I’m wondering, how did you get them thinking about the process they went through? Did they know what you meant by ‘process’ right away? Did you show your own 4-slide process presentation as a model before they began?

    I’m imagining doing this with my students who have a very difficult time with sequencing. I also like the notion of constraints, solid guidelines to follow. I’m trying to imagine how to get their minds around this, how to introduce the activity to them.

    thanks for sharing these!

  4.    Kevin Sandridge 10.10.07 @ 8:55 am      

    Hey Tracy!  Great questions.  I did in fact spend time reviewing the words “process” and “sequence” with my students.  I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, and most of my review took place with the 6th graders.  Luckily, I was able to piggy back on the great work our elementary and 6th grade teachers do with teaching first, next, then, and last concepts for writing – which helped immensely. 

    Re: Examples – I used Dan Myer’s four slide contest for my prime example.  Actually, the very contest in which your own entry appeared!  The one with the eggs worked best for my kids.  They really got it. 

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